How About These Apples

she's nervous from the pressure not of what they might think but what they cannot understand the change moving continents brings, the Earth's face crying over changes she cannot change so much shes out of touch of the biggest parts that make her whole, no shes nervous because she has to carry the world and... Continue Reading →

Spring Collection

I don't know why it never crossed my mind to design jewelry before. The first time I used resin was with my mom as a child making charm bracelets with empty star and moon shaped bezels. My mom cultivated a deep love for books by always taking me to book fairs, book clubs, and reading... Continue Reading →

Book Boutique This Week

Pretty gang! There is some happy mail going out today!  I have severe nerve damage in my right arm and it's been depressing me so this came at the right time for me. One of the things I did in December to combat my suicidal thoughts (because I had them) was to plan things. I... Continue Reading →

Journal With Me

Hey pretty gang! Is it snowing where you are? It's been raining and overcast all of February. What do you do to keep yourself happy during those grey days? I have picked up journaling, or scrapbooking, I guess they're the same! I've been needing a hobby to satisfy my needs and something I could do... Continue Reading →


on the first floor of the apartment is a good lookin' man who did the best you can with some one he loved but was a manic maniac she was a beauty in her environment except she always looked away. he was lucky he was so good lookin he told her other women stood in... Continue Reading →


As soon as you walked out the door to sleep on the floor of any grounds as long as it wasn't here, there was no going back. the door closed and so did your chance. People give up everything for forgiveness, how long will you go on feeling guilty how much longer will she walk... Continue Reading →


I've been using this final week to strengthen my mind, i don't know if anything can prepare me for whats ahead other than plenty of rest. i shut my eyes and block out the fear, there is no other option but to be strong. it can feel like the end of the world sometimes. Everyone's... Continue Reading →

SNEAK PEAK! At the new Echos

You guys I'm so happy that my poetry chapbook was edited. The tiny changes made a huge difference. I am also including the new cover and including more poetry. The new edition is coming soon ❄️ Personal note// I have 6 more days until my doctor appointment. I've been in so much pain. One day... Continue Reading →

2019 Reading and Blog Goals

Hey friends! Guess who hasn't celebrated their blog birthday? This chick right here. I've turned 1 on WP this year and i was reflecting on my favorite posts, my favorite books, the book im writing, and how ive evolved as a writer. When i made my 2018 goals there was a lot of freedom and... Continue Reading →

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