Thrift With Me

Hey friends! I couldn't help but go to the thrift store again. I didn't get any books this time(that's a lie I did too). I spent $26.25. Here's what I got: A beautiful vintage hand painted strawberry ceramic napkin holder 1992 Rook Card game Wentworth puzzle Cute Trendy Black Strapped Heels With A Stiletto Heel.... Continue Reading →

Thrift With Me

Hey friends! I couldnt help but go to the thrift store again. I spent $11.80 on all this stuff! Embroidered unicorn A burgandy paisley tote bag with no brand name or tags, it could be handmade and its reversible so I can flip it inside out and it has a shabby floral print. A stuffed... Continue Reading →

What Sold in my Bookshop

Hey friends! I've been making weekly posts sharing what sold in my virtual bookstore. This shop brings me so much joy, someday my apartment will be a secret cove overflowing with books. Since last week was so good to me I decided to throw a 15%off sale on my Depop for this weekend. 1. Stuart... Continue Reading →

Thrift with Me

Hey friends! Would you like to see what I hauled today? I spent $10 and went because I wanted the suitcase I mentioned in my last Thrift With Me but it sold I got there 45 minutes after opening too. I was so bummed! But I got a lot of other goodies and not surprisingly,... Continue Reading →

What Sold from my Bookshop

I am determined to make $370 a month selling books. Even if I'm hurting I need to attempt consistency. List books on Etsy. Share on social media. Engage with my audience. 1. Vintage books, bridge to Terabithia Sold these through Instagram for $29 shipped. The PayPal fee was $1.14. It cost $4.39 to ship. I... Continue Reading →

Thrift with me

Hey friends, I went thrifting again for my bookstore. This time I took cash with me. All the books are a quarter here. Spent less than $25. More stuff for me this time. Tuscan Hills make up brush collection $3 Creme bedsheet with iris lace crochet edging $2 Be Happy coffee mug .25 cents Sunflower... Continue Reading →

Thrift with Me

I also went thrifting for more stock and spent $19.70. Maybe I should do separate posts on what I thrifted. My favorite part of thrifting is when I actually find treasure: i found 2 vintage Christian Dior nightgowns, 2 vintage Oscar De La Renta nightgowns, and a Ralph Lauren shirt that's 100% linen. It gives... Continue Reading →

Cottagecore books

A pastoral lifestyle where a pig, chickens, a horse, and a donkey are your friends instead of people. Imagine baking bread, wearing gunne sax dresses, and flower picking to hear the babbling of a happy brook. Its a no make up make up look, antique books, and horseback riding. Is it something out of a... Continue Reading →

What Sold On Depop

July is over. By the time this post goes up itll be August and that much closer to Fall. This is what has sold so far since my last post. I've been doing this post weekly. 1. Yoga I sold this in the Facebook Group - Wanderlust Marketplace for the Mythical, magical, & extraordinary It... Continue Reading →

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