Grab a good book! πŸ“š New arrivals (week 1, April 1-7)

Who wants to see what books I added to my bookstore?! There’s a bunch!! I’ll post a list of titles and a photo dump. I have emergency surgery tomorrow, Really nervous. This was completely out of left field, I’ve been stressed about a lot of things in my personal life and doing my best to remain stoic and strong.

Edit: SOLD! Signs and Symbols. SOLD! The Secret Remedy Book

I’m kind of emotional atm so I’m posting a lot. I don’t want to get into details that would be too graphic and I’m still processing what’s happening. I honestly have been clinging to life for years, this bookshop has been a source of hope for the future. It’s my dream to be a successful bookstore owner, author, and host author events as well as other artists. I want to be happy, why my whole life I’ve struggled with this debilitating depression. I’ve been slowly dying for years. This should not come as a surprise but I realized way too late. The toll my mental health has taken. I have to believe there is still time to turn my life around. I have to believe that I can have healthy, happy Sam back.

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