Hands full of flowers (spring book recommendations) 🌻🌹

πŸŒ±πŸ¦‹h a n d s f u l l o f f l o w e r s
Picked out some books with flowers in them. Not literal flowers but the metaphorical kind. Perfect spring reads available in the bookshop! Your support means so much.

The first book I chose is a historical fiction by Hazel Gaynor called Memory of Violets, it’s a story about two flower selling sisters during Victorian London.

Robins signify Spring for me so this next pick was based on the cover alone. It’s a vintage book series and this one is a story about a white robin that comes to a small French county town.

Here are two books to get crafty, there will be tons of ingredients nature has to offer to eco dye, make fairy wreaths, and even lip balm. Nature Crafts with a Microwave I’m tempted to keep, and then there’s Nature’s Crafts, which includes crafts for all the seasons.

Spring evokes feelings of reading poetry under long days on a fresh bed of clover. This book by Erica Jong, Becoming Light, was published in the 90s but has an interesting theme of sex positivity, sexual liberation and freedom. I read a lot of the poems in here and it piqued my interest at this forgotten poet. Wh

There’s my Spring book recommendations! They are all available in my bookshop 🧑

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