January Sales Report : how much did I make in my used bookshop?

I turned $4 into $77. 57!! I am so so grateful for every sale, and although I only had 12 sales in the month, do keep in mind I am on my second month from my new job, I’m still finding work life balance. A total of 13 books left the shop!!

In case this is your first post, I am a writer and run a small used bookstore online called Hyla Brook Books. you can support this blog by purchasing books from my shop in the link below.

I did go thrifting twice in January. Here are some YouTube videos in regards to that. Please give these videos a like and subscribe! I’m trying to grow my YouTube channel, I promise to post better quality content right now it’s just thrifting videos but I plan on doing more bookish stuff.

Here is an overview from last month, in case you’re curious. Below is a photo dump of all the books that sold!

From top to bottom: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle, Oil! By Upton Sinclair, Keats and Shelly Modern Library Edition, the Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve by Stephen Galbraith, the Folk Remedy Encyclopedia, Snowy Owls by Patricia Hunt, Ben & Jerry’s Icecream book,cookie book, the great Gatsby, fabric journal and lastly the curious case of the dog in the night time.

My shop 💖


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