Nanowrimo Days 6-10

I confess I am so far behind with my writing goals. Hello friends 🧡 this will be my second update on writing a new novel: project Nightengale

I am writing my raw first draft on paper. I have a prologue, chapter 1& 2, and a solid idea for chapter 3 to explore with my main character.

It’s only 6 handwritten pages front to back, stapled together with a coffee stain on the edge. Only 1,797 words.

It’s been nice coming back to blogging though I really missed this. I also have a vague idea for chapters 4 and 5. There’s 20 days left to write 23,203 words. If you divide that up, that’s 1,160 words per day. I need to carve out at least 3 hours a day to write.

What is the story that’s trying to be told? It feels important to get it all down in paper as soon as possible

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