Nanowrimo 2021: announcement

Hello friends! It’s Samantha. All year I’ve had this huge swollen urge to write a story. I have a few story ideas. I’ve completely stopped writing, well, as of recently. I am journaling again, and mulling it over, and I really want to get back into the rhythm of writing . nanowrimo is here, National Writing Month, and not only is it my birthday month, I decided I am going to write my book. I’ll post a link below in case you haven’t heard of Nanowrimo – what I want to do is write about my progress once a week. I also want to go easy on myself. I’ve gone through a lot and I feel a huge pull to put my feelings on paper. I am sort of scared, starting with a blank page. My experiential will be 25 k words. Instead of 50k. Part of the reason for this is my disability, I do have severe nerve damage in my hand I write with. Cursed . Also the way I see it is some of my favorite stories are less than 50 k: Charlotte’s Web, The Little Prince, Tuck Everlasting. My story is a young adult fantasy. I don’t have any concrete plot ideas just scenes in my head I want to jot down and piece together. Perhaps I should tell you I’m a pantser 👖. I really hope I can get this story out of me, I’ll be satisfied with25 k, I want to have fun and free myself. I really want to be a writer. I used to blog alot before my accident and I am still working on my small business. I have an online bookstore, I specialize in books for authors and artists. I’ll post my shop links down below. If you’re interest in connecting like & follow my blow. Until we meet again! Wherever you are 🧡

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