What Sold in my Bookshop

This has been a record breaking week for me.

1. Apples

This is my poetry chapbook only available on Etsy. This person bought my other 2 chapbooks and enjoyed them. That means so much and it helps me out a little bit.

On etsy I sell my e chapbook for $3.75. The listing fee is .20. The transaction fee was .19. Then a sale tax of .36. I made $3.

It means so much when you support my poetry.

2. The Magical World of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web

She paid $14.81. also a returning customer! Depop fee was $1.48. PayPal fee was .73 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $9.80.

3. On Bear Mountain, White Oleander, the Buffalo are Running

Paid $42.50. I was having a 15% off sale and sold one of my vintage books. The Depop fee was $4.25. The PayPal fee was $1.53. Shipping was $4.39. I made $32.33.

My shop brings me so much hope. I’ve made $45.13. Its been raining since Fall started so I haven’t been able to take photos and list. I’m trying hard to make a IG/ FB sale.

4. The Battle of Tilly

I accepted a lowball offer again. I just wanted to get rid of this book because it’s super heavy and I’ve had it since the beginning of the year and no one seemed to be interested. The offer was $10. Mercari fee was $1. Shipping was $3.33. I made $5.67.

5. 2 Lisa Gardner books

I got these for free and they are used. So I offered someone on Mercari $7 shipped. Mercari fee was .70. Shipping was $3.33. I made $2.97.

I made $53.77 this week. I had 5 orders a total of 8 books.

I will make this a full time job! I know I can do it.

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