Thrift w Me

Hello friends! Every Wednesday I go to the thrift store to see what books I can find for my secondhand bookshop. I’m also sourcing vintage clothes that go with the Hyla Brook Books brand aesthetic.

I got this for the style and color and hoping it fits me. I love the librarian vibes I’m getting. It says 5th Avenue, not sure if that is worth anything resell wise. Not sure what the brand retails for, I think it’s a Macy’s brand. *does a google search* So this tartain skirt resells for around $20-25, I think if I modeled in this skirt with some mary janes I can sell it for $30.

I always pick up Forever 21 when it is second hand. I know they are a fast fashion brand but their clothes are super cute, always trendy, and the xs and small fits my body shape. I picked up this sky blue, ribbed, long sleeve top.

I wear lots of pastel colors. I picked up a baby pink button up that was H & M, another brand I’m always on the look out for (for personal style, not to resell. Resell value is very low on H&M and Forever 21.)

This next top is for me as well, it’s a size 0 J. Crew picnic styled top. i loved the ruffles. I used to wear black and white a lot in highschool, not so much, but I will make an exception for this cute top.

I feel like a plain white button down is a must have in every wardrobe. I instantly think of Audrey Hepburn. They’re called “boyfriend shirts” and you can style these in so many ways. I always have one. This one is a size Large.

Thanks to watching lots of resell videos, I found a BOLO dress – it’s by CHICO’s, and i picked it up first because it’s burgundy with this pretty botanical print. I put it back when it wasn’t my size, then went to check the tag, i’ll put it up right away since it’s got fall colors and can transition well from the end of fall too.

I got some American Eagle jeans for myself. These are a dark wash.

And this vintage sweater, which reminded me of something my great grandma had. Oh my gosh it has shoulder pads! I had no idea when i first picked it up.

Something I always do is pick up horse things – my mom loves horses, and they make me think of America before cars were prevalent. This is a trinket box – It doesn’t have any branding on it. Just a scene of wild horses galloping free. For $2 I thought why not.

This is a 1997 Precious Moments birthstone perfume bottle for the month of May.

This chatreuse purse stuck out at me because of the beadwork. It’s so Art Deco. This beaded purse still has the tags so I’m going to price it at $25.

I adore kitshy items this is def vintage, handmade, needlepoint of two ducks. It made me happy just looking at it.

Oh and I got myself this wallet. I needed one for my cards. Says Rosetti on it. I just looked this up and the comps were really good for this .50 cent wallet. I liked it for the color, size, and it has that thread detail going around it.

Of course I got a lot of books:

2 HUGE text books – both are the Complete Work of Shakespeare. There is a University price tag that says $750. Is that for real? I never finished college but I do remember college text books being ridiculously expensive.

Tales from Shakespeare, this one is for younger audiences.

The Lightening Thief, 1 &3 (didn’t find 2)

Yoo Hoo, Moon!

Dumbo (I have a collection of Dumbo books)

Jed’s Junior Space Patrol

Franklin Fibs

Happy Birthday Moon

The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly

Ping Pong Ping

The Magic School Bus #1, #3, #4, and Going Batty

Bundle of Mickey Mouse Club House learning cards

Work Clothes, Casual Dress for Serious Work (might keep for myself, seriously stylish and chic)


Talk to the Hand (2005) there cover has a raccoon on it, its about rudness in society today.

That’s everything. Someone in front of me paid $20, a blessing I didn’t feel I deserved. I thanked God for looking out for me and walked home feeling confident that I can make a living as a reseller.

(This post is being published late I actually did this thrift a week or so ago. Sorry there is no photos my hands have be

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