What Sold In My Bookshop

Hey friends! I need to work really hard to list all the new stock I have. Every week I round up what sold and calculate how much I made reselling. My goal is to make this a full time income.

1. Henna

Had this for a long time, about a year. It sold for $6 shipped on the Wonderlust Facebook group. PayPal fee was .-47 cents. Shipping cost was $2.80. My profit was $2.73.

2. Nancy Drew – the clue of the velvet mask

I love these yellow Nancy Drew spines they are nostalgic for me. Sold on Mercari for $12. The fee was $1.20. Shipping cost was $2.80. My profit was $8.

3. The Rescue, Dear John, The Other Brother, and Water for Elephants

I just noticed these are all romance novels! Sold on Depop for $24.46. The Depop fee is $2.48. The PayPal fee was $1.02. Shipping cost $3.33. I made $17.63.

4. To Give A Pig a Pancake, If you Give a Moose a Muffin, if you give a Mouse a cookie

I rescued these from the trash. They are fair and I made sure to describe them. It was $2.99 plus $2.80 for shipping. The Depop fee was .58 cents. The PayPal fee was -.47 cents. I made $1.94.

5. Precious Moments, The BFG, Rainforest Animals

My friend purchased this through Instagram and I gave her a 10% discount because she is my biggest supporter. I honestly didn’t want to charge her. Her total was $22.45. The PayPal fee was .95 cents. It cost $3.86 to ship. I made $17.64.

6. Vintage shabby book cover, Nancy Drew, vintage sci fi book

Sold on Depop for $25.95. The Depop fee is $2.60. The PayPal fee $1.40. And I fucked up by trusting someone to ship this (this is his 3rd mistake shipping an item incorrectly after telling him numerous times what to do. His mistake cost me $3.53 and service. It also hurt because I care so much about my business that if he had treated it like his own he would not have been so stupid.)

Shipped for a whole $12.60. I only made $9.35 – less. That is not want I wanted for these items, he basically gave these away with his not following simple directions.)

7. Biography of Shakespeare

Sold on etsy for $10 plus $3.95. There is a sales tax to the customer that is $1.31. Customer spent $15.26. After fees, I made $12.54. Shipping cost was $3.86. I made $8.68.

8. Spiderwick Chronicles

Sold these on my Instagram. Sold for $5 plus $2.80 to ship. I made $2.20.

9. Naked, Madame Bovary

I almost donated Madame Bovary a few weeks ago. I didn’t because it’s a Signet, and the spine is aesthetic goals

Sold on Depop for $10.95. Depop fee was $1.10. The Paypal fee was .62 cents. Shipping was $3.33. I made $5.90.

10. The magic school bus book

I paid a quarter for this book. Sold on Mercari for $6. I tend to use recycled packaging for orders $6 or less. Mercari fee was 60 cents. I made $2.60.

11. Dear and Glorious Physician

Sold on Mercari for $9. The Mercari fee was .90 cents. It cost $2.80 to ship. I made $5.30.

12. Upside Down Magic

Sold on Instagram for $2.75 plus $2.80 to ship. The PayPal fee is -.46. I made $2.29.

I made a total of $84.26.

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