Thrift w Me (AGAIN!!)

Hey everyone! I went to the thrift store to pick up my vintage arm chair – it was $5 i had paid for it last Friday. So i wasn’t planning on thrifting but they had Halloween costumes and tons of fall clothes. I picked up some books for Hyla Brook Books, but this haul I just, had not control and had fun. Nothing was more than $3 but all of this together added up to $28.09.

My boyfriend picked out a CatWoman costume in my size from – OMG this was in the section with costumes but this is from Secret Wishes, Costumes for Playful Adults. $5 well spent. I tried this on as soon as I got home and loved all the little gadgets and it’s comfortable fabric, it doesn’t feel super cheap like Halloween costumes feel like. I found the website called Rubies which doesn’t sell directly to the public, so I don’t know how much this was or where it came from.

Also on the same rack I got a bonnet in this red picnic pattern. I want to bring bonnets back, especially since bonnets provide coverage for the side of your face.

I also never find anything like this, not sure if this is an actual Heidi costume becase the fabric is really nice, it’s not cheap polyester its actually a cotton. There are no tags at all, and it looks like an xs, it maybe will fit me.

Found this super cool Fall Out 4 shirt. It’s not worth much but cool for my boyfriend.

It’s a pillow. It’s a pillow pet! I found two I had to take home, they will get a good wash. I remember when these came out, I don’t remember how old I was but I do know wanted one. My sister had one. The Pillow Pets were invented in 2003 but it wasn’t until televsion ads on Nickoldeon in 2009 that she became a millionaire off this adorable idea. That’s a pretty inspiring entrepenuerstory, I couldn’t resist the duck and lavender unicorn. They were .50 cents each. Pillow Pet website has a Clifford pillow i would tottally snag up!

I got my TY beanie babie elephant and it has an american flag on him. I did some research and he is called Righty the Elephant.

I’ve been drawn to long heavy skirts for the winter and had to pick this up. It’s a Barry L Bricken, 10/42 is the size, and its textured material feels like wool, but a very nice wool. It’s pleated with a cinched in waist.

For my shop’s aesthetic, I’m wanting Hyla Brook Books to be known for that western, boho, school house teacher, hot office babe look. This skirt I’ll sell for $58, maybe $70. i need to find out if that silk lining is silk and if its virgin wool.

i had to pick up this light wash pleated denim skirt for me. i think this would look so sexy with a white eyelet top. The tag loos vintage, says On The Verge and is 100% cotton. It’s a size small but has an elastic waist band so could fit other sizes.

I couldn’t leave these behind. the material drew me in, it’s designed for frigid tempteraturres. When I looked at the tag i was shocked, it was in German and there was a tag that said Made in England.

This was so funny. I got a Bop it! toy 2017. For books I got a 1998 Seasame Street ABC and 123. I saw Elmo there and now I’m wishing I’d got him too because I could sell the book with Elmo, that would be cute. The other book I got was A Poem of Her Own, publised 2003, and it has a diverse selection of poets.

Oh, and this tote bag because it is the perfect size for books. Then I found out it’s a Walt Disney bag from 1971! That’s older than my mom.

I meant to publish with photos so those will be added later. I try to post these Thrift with Me posts the day after, this was last week on Friday I believe.

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