What Sold in my Bookstore

Hey friends! I have been having fun sharing these posts where I tell you what sold and how much profit I made.

I’ve slowly started adding more pieces to my shop that match my aesthetic.

1. Vera Bradley style bag

I picked this bag up because of the butterfly print and it can be styled two ways

I made an offer to interest buyers for $12 shipped. I paid $1 for it. The Mercari fee $1.20. Shipping costs were $5. i made $4.80.

2. The Hunger Games

Sold on Mercari for $8 shipped. The Mercari fee was .80 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $4.44 profit.

3. Dear America, French Spirits

Repeat buyer from Depop! She spent $12.80 shipped. The depop fee was $1.28. The PayPal fee .67 cents. It was $3.33 to ship. I made $8.19 profit.

Hopefully will have more sales thanks to my Labor Day Weekend sale!

4. Sleeping Beauty vintage book

I thought this book would sell right away. It sold on Mercari for $14. The fee was $1.40. It cost $2.80 to ship. I made $9.80.

5. Jello Recipe book

Sold for $11 on Mercari. The fee was $1.10. This book cost me $1. Shipping was $3.33. I made $5.57.

6. The Tao of Cooking

Bought this forever and almost donated it. Got it for $1 and took an offer on Mercari for $6 shipped. The fee was .60 cents.

You guys I made the biggest mistake ever so I cant find The Tao of Cooking. I did take some books to donate to the free library and this might have been in there.

Oh no. Had to cancel this order.

7. Goosebumps

This book sold so fast and for $10 shipped on Mercari. It’s the last Goosebump book I have and they are incredibly hard to find randomly.. the mercari fee was $1. Shipping was $2.80. I made $6.20.

8. Ceramic pie dish, thoughtfulness album

Sold on Depop, the ceramic dish for $23 and the hallmark album for $8 for a total of $31. The Depop fee was $3.10. That leaves me with $27.90. The PayPal fee was $1.20. I sent the dish Priority Mail for $10.50 and the hallmark album for $2.80. The pie dish cost me $2 and the album cost me $1 at the Hospice. I made $10.40.

9. Little Women

I almost forgot this sold on Etsy. It was only $5.95 plus $2.80 to ship. With tax it came out to $9.48. After fees I get $6.58 and i still have to ship, but it’s not bad. Shipping was $2.80. I made $3.78.

10. Heartland

This book was free so this was 100% profit. It sold on Mercari for $7 shipped. The fee was .70. I also couldnt hhelp but send a free copy of Black Beauty, probably a bad business choice but it would make the customer happy I imagine you get 2 horse books! It cost $2.80. I made $3.50.

How much did I make after fees and shipping costs? $48.49.

Not one of my better weeks. According to my history I range any where from 3-10 orders in a week. To make this a living, I need to make $300 per week, I estimate 2-5 sales a day.

I know I can do this! I hope this information helps someone out there who needs it. Until we meet again, bye-bye!!

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