5 Reasons Why Mercari is Better than Depop

Wishing I had started it when it was first recommended to me by my friend, this post will explore features Mercari has that Depop doesn’t.

I started making sales the first week of listing. I put free shipping on all my books because I don’t know how to set it to media mail yet but I think having free shipping on all my books got me more traffic.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Mercari is way better than Depop, in my opinion:

  1. Sellers can send offers to likers and vice versa
  2. mercari has seller stats and shipping notifications for u and u buyer
  3. mature audience
  4. just as easy to list as depop but you can have 10 photos instead of 4
  5. Mercari gives away coupons when you list a lot of items, coupons you can use to buy from the app

maybe you’re like me and need to save up to buy something life changing or maybe you just want to make room in your house, the app is free to download and you can get up to $30 when you sign up with my link:


I highlight these pros compared to Depop below!

Send Offers

When you download Depop and like items like you would on Instagram, sellers will message you with offers, offer discounts on bundles, tell you about their sale, or offer to send you something for a lower price. I had someone message me who I didn’t even like their item – I had liked a plaid dress and she messaged me that she had a dress in her shop like it only cheaper. Depop needs to add the offer feature like Mercari.

Mercari makes it easy to make offers and wont let you discount your item too much. If you like an item, you will get notified when it goes on sale.

Seller Stats

Depop has no stats available, it’s easy to bundle and easy to make discounts on items. Those are amazing features. I wish Mecari had a Bundle feature.

Mercari does have seller stats, on the computer you can see your average amount in sales, how many ordered sold, how many listings you have, which ones are performing and are getting views. Super helpful to know this stuff!

Mature Audience

I ignored mercari because I thought it was not for me but when I tried it I appreciated the kitchenware, homeware, the electronics, almost everything. On Depop the age is from 18-28,30 but on Mercari the age is wider. For example a lot of college kids use Depop so when school started my sales dropped and people closed shops to focus on school, where on Mercari you find a lot more people selling childrens clothes, more modern brands

Easy Listing

Both Depop and Mercari make it easy to list there arent that many questions like on Etsy. Depop let’s you add 4 photos and this year introduced video. Mercari let’s you list 10.

Mercari Incentives

When I first downloaded the app I got $5 to spend. This weekend I got All Star status for listing 30 items, so I got $20. I’ll be using that to source more vintage books online.


You can also get $30 when you download the app from my link. It helps me alot and you’ll be able to buy books easily from my shop!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps someone out, give it a like if youd like more reseller content. Until we meet again! Bye!

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