Thrift With Me (have I had enough?!)

Omg I am addicted to shopping. This would be so fun if I had more control but I find so many cute stuff.

I promised myself this is my last thrift for the month. I got all the thrifting out of me yesterday and today.

These cute beanie babies: a bear, a fox, a raccoon, a bison. The beanie babies were $1 each. I found another mini stuffed horse but this one doesnt neigh when you squeeze it like my other ones. Also found this adorable Scooby Doo toy for a quarter.

The first thing I got were these musical piano notes. Musical sheets are perfect for crafts. Beethoven, Bach were $1. I also found this, I love Disney items and Pocahontas and this was Colors of the Wind sheet music for piano. This was $2. (I found a booklet inside that was a manuscript pad, line paper got musical notes.)

Two vintage agricultural text books. The Yearbook of Agriculture 1972. The Yearbook of Agriculture 1958, which has some great photos of the old American landscape. I love looking through these for old photographs.

Some more tweed items. An alpine fedora hat with a rope around the brim. A dark wood basket. An L.L. Bean wool coat that’s so Dead Poets Society.

A no brand, but great condition, black boots with a quilted pattern and faux fur. It also has a buckle. I swoon over buckles it’s so important for my boots to have buckles. The invention of buckles was the best thing that happened in fashion.

Too much? I got these for me but as i was walking home I asked myself, when am I going to wear these snow boots? To my dream trip to Colorado?

That’s when I made up that the previous owner also had a weakness for the mountains but was stuck in Texas.

Also for clothes is this pink teddy jacket, a polka dot Old Navy cardigan, a Navajo pattern cardigan. I’ve been on the hunt for vests and I found this by Sactuary CLothing. A faux fur brown vest. Feels like it wasnt worn either. A Tommy Hilfiger, with tags, neon green button cardigan.

And lastly a small coral armchair that I’ll pick up on Wednesday I got for $5. that’s it. I spent $47. Last trip I spent a lot too so I’m going to hurry and list what I think will sell really quickly, I told myself all the clothes I got in September need to be listed in September.

I’m having a huge sale in my Depop this weekend for Labor Day!! Over 130 books, modern and vintage, for sale. It ends tomorrow!!

Until next time!

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