Thrift W Me

Hey everyone I got some more books this Thursday for my bookstore but I’m also adding vintage clothes that go with my brand. I think you’ll love what I found.

The first items I picked up were this tye dye cardigan and turtleneck shawl/poncho and this fairy cardigan? Actually what is the proper term for this type of top? I don’t normally pick up the dye but I couldn’t resist the material.

Then I walked over to the books and found:

Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Womens Literary Society (2012), Arthur & George (2005), Napoleon (1993), Art and History of Pompeii, and a vintage book called The Spirit of Liberty.

I browsed a small section dedicated to dressy blazers and coat jackets and found the most amazing horse jacket and suede jacket. The word that came to mind was moccasin, so I just love these two pieces.

I always check the shoe racks and never find anything I like but this time was different. Shoes everywhere. Most importantly boots. I got 5 pairs of shoes, and I’m keeping some because I actually only have one pair of boots – my trusty brown combat boots that sadly have seen better days.

I picked up this beautiful vintage skirt for the navy blue and the pretty design at the bottom.

Someone must have handmade this and donated it, it’s a resin necklace with a bible quote.

And this handbag because it fooled me, thought it was going to be like a Dooney & Bourke purse but no, it just looks like that brand. C

I spent more money than ever thrifting, $61.10. I’m expanding into clothes and I’m nervous about the investment. But I trust I found some beautiful items, I’m so lucky to have found them.

Which item was your favorite? Sorry the photos aren’t the best but I noticed you guys love these posts so I wanted to try extra harder to add photos.

Its Friday and I plan to take my weekend to relax and make a lot of food! I have another haul coming up soon or you can check out my previous thrift with me videos. Until next time! Bye!!

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