What Sold in my Bookshop

Hello everyone! Every week I calculate how much I made selling books.

1. Touching the Fire

Got so many likes I should’ve waited but I was impatient for a sale and made an offer on Mercari for $9 shipped instead of $12 shipped. The Mercari fee was. 90 cents. Shipping was $2.80. I made $5.30.

2. Interview with a Vampire, Journey through the Center of the Earth, Oxford book of English Anecdotes, Oedipus, Night at the Cemetary

I am having a Summer Sale right now until Friday. (Labor Day sale coming soon)

She paid $34. The Depop fee was $3.41. The PayPal fee was $1.29. Shipping cost was $4.92. I made $25.01.

Something that brings me joy in having a secondhand bookshop is seeing which books leave together.

3. Hectagon bird painting

I bought this a while ago for $1. She paid $8.08 plus $5.95 shipping. The Depop fee was $1.40. The PayPal fee was .71 cents and I accidentally paid for priority mail shipping so it cost $8.70. I really hope she leaves me 5 stars! Sadly only made $2.22.

4. Rook card game

I picked this up because in the book an Enchantment of Ravens the Autumn Prince is named Rook and his emblem is a raven.

I sold it on the Wonderlust Facebook group for $15 shipped. Shipping was $4.75. No PayPal fee. I made $10.25.

5. Petals on the Wind

The buyer was really adamant to purchase this and she was in Canada. I dont usually do shipping outside the US but I agreed to find out how much it would be in a small flat rate box and I reduced the price in half. Basically I gave her the book but I think itll make the person happy.

This was the first time I used Pirateship.com to save on a shipping label $19.17 to ship to CA. She paid $23 shipped. The Depop fee was $2.30. The PayPal fee $1.31. I made .22 cents off that order.

I think this was the worst order I did for all the work I put it and gave the book away but next time I wont be afraid to put my foot down. I do not do orders outside the US.

6. Valley of the Forge

This is a unicorn book or so I’ve heard. They belong to a set of great homeschooling books. The one I found was in acceptable condition and was $12 shipped. The Mercari fee was $1.10. Shipping was $3.33. My profit was $7.57

7. Black quilted bag

Another item that sold on Mercari that is not a book! This sold for $15 shipped. Shipping was $5.50. I made $9.50. This purse cost me $1. I made $8.50 profit.

8. Gift from the Sea

Sold this on my Instagram for $8 plus $2.95 shipping. PayPal fee was .62 and it cost $2.80 to ship. I made $7.53 profit.

Total I made $66.60.

I am loving the Mercari app especially I’ve only been using it for a month. If you like having extra money download that app. You can get up to $30 when you sign up for Mercari. Simply sign up with my link:


most of my inventory is on Depop but im def working on adding everything to my shop. i need a car if im to get medical help. And I cant keep all the beautiful Victorian books to myself. Sigh.


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