My Wild Success off Mercari

I knew I had to sit down to write about how I’ve seen a lot of success on Mercari. I have my own secondhand bookshop Hyla Brook Books and I’m a writer. It would be a dream come true if I can make this full time. Right now it’s a great part-time gig. It makes me wish I didnt have a chronic illness that inhibits me from working a normal 9-5 job. That’s honestly my biggest motivator, my shop has been a distraction from the disease so I had nothing to lose to start Mercari.

On 7/30/2020 I set a goal to make $500 on this reselling app, the nerdy child of Ebay and Marketplace. I’ve made $85.50, only $434 more to go. Mercari had seller stats, an easy way for sellers and buyers to make offers, and notified you when the price dropped on an item you like. You can save search terms so those products appear on your search feed, unlike Depop’s explore page which goes full vogue. Mercari feels mature, with a fresh selection of home decor, electronics, and instruments for a bargain.

I can’t wait to see what September brings. I plan to list everything on Mercari, I can’t believe I was sleeping on it. It’s so easy to list and you can list almost anything. What say you, would you like to see how much money you can make selling stuff around your house? Get up to $30 when you sign up for Mercari. Simply sign up with my link:

It would be so fun to hear both of us become successful! I’ll have another thrift haul and a What Sold in my Bookshop post later this week so don’t forget to like and follow if you like this content.

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