End of the Month Review

Have i completely left Etsy for Depop? Hey friends! i’ve been putting all my love into my dream bookshop and sharing the progress here. I do have a VIP facebook group where we can connect more and talk over books in the link below.

depop = 170 active listings

mercari = 94 active listings

etsy = 45 active listings

The data shows I did. I can only list vintage books on Etsy and I like to keep my rarer finds in that shop space.

I have also done a lot of online sourcing on the apps mentioned above. I also started watching other resellers Youtube channels like Essential Endeavors, Amber Resells and Troll Funk and newer channels like Esther Blessing and Sarah Styles.

I need to be able to make a living out of this. I don’t know how I’m going to have a normal job when i can barely live a normal life b/c of my CRPS. Sarah Styles said in one of her videos to work from the top – set a monetary goal and sell what you know will get you to that goal.

The white Christain Doir nightgowns. The Dior fashion book. All the vintage books. The silk scarves. The House of Night series. So much more. its also high time i make some winged key bookmarks!

Here is what I have so far:


My goal in September is to make 15 orders in one week and get 300 listings on Depop by October 1st. Labor day is also coming up Sept 4-7.

What are some things I’m proud I accomplished in August for Hyla Brook Books?

I’m proud I made 10 sales in one week on Depop. I have only 5 star reviews. Plus I’m feeling really good about the direction my shop is going in. I’m trusting the flow.

Thank you to everyone who shows their support! Remember to message me that you are a reader of the blog for 10% off your first bundle!!

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