Thrift With Me

Guess who went and got more books? I’ll post photos to my Facebook group – I spent around $27 so lets see the loot!

The first thing I got was this picnic basket. I thought it would be perfect for my paintbrushes and paper when I’d go outside as well as some sandwiches.

-a beautiful big book of The Secret Garden illustrated by Troy Howell

-Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone

-double fudge and tales of fourth grade nothing by Judy Blume

-the international wildlife encyclopedia 1969

-the life of the desert 1966

-adapted version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyes 2009 (this is not vintage but it’s made to look vintage)

-little red riding hood (dates around 50s)

-judy moody and the bad luck charm

8 vintage childrens books

-the house of night series!! I got 1-7 but there is 12 in the series! My favorite find.

-black leather wallet

-strawberry shortcake/ Betty crocker glass jar

-hallmark teapot with leaf design and matching Maya Angelo quote. Perfect for tea and writing.

That’s all of it. I plan to resell it all, except the basket. Tempted to keep The Secret Garden.

Heres my depop shop in case you want to follow me when any of these items are listed.

You can also follow my Facebook page where you’ll be the first to know when these collections go up.

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