What Sold in my bookstore

Hey friends! I’ve been feeling so busy and haven’t even listed all the books.

1. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte

He bought two classic books for $11.95. The depop fee was $1.20. The PayPal fee was .65 cents. Shipping was $3.33. Its a profit of $6.77.

2. Goosebumps books

I’ve had these for more than 2 years so the price was so low, $7. Depop fee was $1. PayPal fee was .59. Shipping was $2.80. i made $2.61.

My profit was $2.61.

3. John Steinbeck Tortilla Flat

This sold on Mercari. It was set for $7 and she made an offer for $6 and I accepted it because why not. It cost $2.80 to ship. The fee was .60. I made $2.60.

3. Stephen King books

These have actually been sitting at my Goodwill for months. I think no one picked it up because one of the books is missing. I love Stephen King books that look read, with lines down the spines and a nice book smell. These books met that requirement. They sold on Mercari for $8. Opps I meant to increase it to $10. Its okay I actually love the thought of people getting books for great deals.

The mercari fee was .80. The shipping fee was $2.80. i made $4.40

4. Do Cats Think?

I got a lot of likes on this on Depop so I tried it early morning in the Wonderlust Facebook group. Sold for $7 plus $2.80 to ship. And the PayPal fee was .58 cents. I made $3.62.

Someone even made an offer on Mercari but it had sold a few minutes before!! (That’s why it’s so important to check the apps regularly)

5. Dear America, When Calls the Heart

These books sold on Depop for $15. The Depop fee was $1.50. It cost $3.33 to ship. I made $10.17.

6. Enders Game, World War Z

Love this bundle! She paid $10.90. The depop fee was $1.10. The PayPal fee was .62 cents. Shipping costs was $3.33. I made $5.85

7. The Other Einstein

Another book I had intended on keeping. The buyer offered $10 shipped and this sale was through Mercari. The Mercari fee was $1. Shipping was $2.80. i made $6.20.

I made a total of $30.24!

I add more books every day to my shop, check out my Depop if you haven’t already!


If you join my VIP Facebook group you’ll be the first to know when I get more inventory and to claim books before they are listed. It’s also a place to share books you’re reading –

And if you’re in the US and would like to buy, sell, trade, books but dont want to download Depop you can join my bookseller Facebook group called Avalon.

Thank you for supporting my little bookstore!! Until next week. I’ll have an August wrap next Tuesday.

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