Cottagecore books

A pastoral lifestyle where a pig, chickens, a horse, and a donkey are your friends instead of people. Imagine baking bread, wearing gunne sax dresses, and flower picking to hear the babbling of a happy brook. Its a no make up make up look, antique books, and horseback riding. Is it something out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?

I’ve been picking books that remind me of this cottagecore aesthetic, here are a few in my etsy shop!

White Oleander

The characters names are Astrid and Ingrid, which i think are some cottagecore names if you ask me!

cottagecore 2


Black Beauty

an autobiography of a horse, of course!





The Last List of Judith Kratt

southern living strikes me as cottagecore: country roads, tea sippin’, family heirlooms



cottagecore 3

A Quiet Strength

her heartwarming books set in prairie dresses and a life on the ranch is my definition of cottagecore


cottagecore 4

Best Cake Receipes

Bake your way through our charming collection of vintage cakes!



cottagecore 5

Bake your way through our charming collection of vintage cakes!

Nature Crafts with a Microwave

Take a stroll outside to forage materials and become closer to nature with these crafts using sticks, stones, leaves, acorns, and more.


cottagecore 6

Which cottagecore book was your favorite on the list?

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