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Hey everyone! I am so thrilled with my new bookshelf and all the time I have these days to read. Reading a lot this past week helped me get my mind off politics and philosophy. With this post I will be addressing some shipping and packaging concerns. I have expenses that need to be made to improve my shop. I also had the epipjany to make bundles so i’ll explore those thoughts here.

I sell mostly on Depop, with a few sales through Instagram and Facebook groups. Depop has an option to offer free shipping on bundles. I love seeing the books that people marry. What ends up happening is customers purchase 3 books and it costs a bit to ship. I’m going through all my listings to make sure the shipping cost reflects the weight of the book – big hardcover books cost more than paperbacks.

I want to keep my prices low, still do bundles, but not suffer from my profit every time someone bundles. I’m getting close to 1,000 books in my shop so the bundle option will stay on. I’ve also been debating on narrowing what I curate. I cast a wide net for books of all genres when it used to be books for authors and artists.

The bundle theort came when i had to stand in line at the post office. i read the free packaging and mulled over the shipping prices. You can ship any weight priority.

Should I do a mystery box of 90’s scholastic books? A blind date with a book? I could bundle all the Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks books.

Instead of buying bookmarks online from a print shop, every week I make some watercolor bookmarks. I keep running out of wrapping paper and tape, which is a great problem! I need to beautify my packaging and tell my brands story.

I need to try to make a sale every day this next week to get the following supplies: a scale to weigh my packages, yellow tissuue paper, celestial tea sampler, and canon ink paper.  I refuse to borrow from my emergency savings, I took the money instead  from the money I made with Hyla Brook Books  in June.

I’d love to include a goodie bag: the watercolor bookmark, a tea bag, and a birch pencil for the bundles and on big orders because those help me so much.

I’ve fallen out of love with Etsy. I’ll be remodeling my Etsy store – it’ll have a cottagecore aesthetic and include my expensive decor pieces. Alot more people shop for unique vintage and handmade home decor from house plants and book pillows to a wood cloud shelf.

Time to scroll through Pinterest for inspiration. I’ll post my shops below. My cat family appreciates your support:

my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HylaBrookBooks

My depop shop: https://www.depop.com/sweetheart_sam/


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      1. Hey I’m sorry a lot has been going on in the US I’ve been submerged into news 24/7. I haven’t really had the mental capacity to read anything but politics, what’s happening in the US is a lot of people are buying into a murderous ideology and a culture war…. I’m so sorry I wasnt able to keep my promise!


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