January Highlights // end of the month review

look back

I miss doing this on the blog. While I set my intentions for Spring and February, it’s nice to reflect on the positive. I’m blogging again! I feel comfortable to blog and spill my guts out. Eww gross but cool yeah? Not guts no glory.

Top 3 posts

  1. Snowball– this poem has gotten a lot of attention!
  2. 1st Quarter Writer Reflections – I learned a valuable lesson last month
  3. Poetry Chapbooks for Sale  

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January Blog Highlights

Celebrate new readers! – I am so grateful for everyone who stops by, likes, reads, comments. I have loved calling you guys my writing family.

Blooming Etsy Shop! i love my book shop more and more every day. Hyla Brook Books is where I sell my bookmarks, poetry chapbooks, and curated books.

Started Writing Vlogs on Youtube! – I’ve posted some writing vlogs recording my writing progress on my magician story.

Top Tracks

Beamon-My Wolf Bark (Prod. G M A K I N)


916frosty – no way // Lyrics

Kylof Söze – Outdisbitch


I never stopped listening to emo music. If you like my content consider buying me a cup of Ko-fi – your tips encourage me to keep sharing myself with the world.


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