Writing Plans // A New Story?

Hello forest friends! I’ve been thinking a lot about my etsy shop and my writing dreams. I stare at my right hand for a long time. The writing block is an impenetrable fortress. I’m hoping I can climb over it. I’m ready to die trying.

I think somewhere deep down that words can save me.

I’ve been getting downloads lately of a story I’ve code named “The Magician’s Story”. Here it is so far: two rival magicians competing for the best magic trick, when one magician discovers the other magician is a real wizard. I’m thinking it will be set in the 80’s in a off theatre Broadway. We also have a murder, a detective, the magician’s apprentice, and a beautiful Broadway actress. These scenes have been playing in my head unsuspectingly: dramatic exits, facial expressions, snippets of dialogue, scenes like a painting.

I was actually thinking about doing a rewrite of Hamlet, since I’ve been noticing such a popularity for story retellings. Or at least, it’s a tragedy like Hamlet.

Is there romance?

Haven’t you learned anything about me from blog by now? Only the self-destructing kind.

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