Declutter // a poem

there’s so much filth around me, I’m buried in my own home

trapped I feel like I’m in quick sand getting sucked

into meaningless stuff. how many bags of clothes

do I have left to slim down? I don’t need all these

things where I’m going, my minimalist aim is to

have my life in a suitcase. all these things are memories

I can’t just throw them away, but the memories

wield an axe deep in my brain

I need to learn to let go and how to walk away,

it’s so hard to say good bye

all I want is to see you one more time

sometimes life is so unexpected

we have to soldier through unaffected

during war there’s no time to cry

and you push on through the fight.

Sorry I have missed my regular schedule this week! (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) I’ve had to focus all my energy on my job and my CRPS is progressing. It’s prevented me from working on my poetry book, but it’s still early in the month so I can catch up. I posted my goals for Camp Nanowrimo on my Patreon as well as books I’m reading this Summer- it’s free for every one to read. I’ll be sharing 2 new poems I wrote for Patreons tonight too.

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