The Orange Tree By the Ocean

Rolling it over in my head

As I stretch my neck in circles.

I’m thinking of you

How you make me feel.

My head feels great.

The way you touch me makes me

tremble beneath you

My breath shakes itself out

and I am entirely yours.

I know that you love me by how hard it is

To keep the secret hidden

Do you want to make love to me?

– Hours of hot excitement.

I lie in my bed, my hand on my stomach

And remember how warm you are.

I don’t know how to make you happy.

Only to show you how happy you make me.

Love that feeling of new new happiness

The ripe orange with the citris scent

You breathe in and smile radiantly under

the hot sun, butt naked, the color of a pearl.

You hold me like a gift from the sea, ocean nymph

in your arms, your triumphant eyes sink to the bottom of me.

When we kiss, it’s as good as a mouth watering

orange down by the ocean.

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