Fiber Friday// Amaze by Adelaide Crapsey

Hello Pretty Gang! Lots of poems that have struck me lately have the word “hand” or “glass”. The following poem was how I learned about the cinquain. I love simplicity. I also included an educational video on haiku I watched 2 months ago  during my sick time, just to repeat the simple verses until I memorized them. I know a few Basho poems by heart thanks to a vintage haiku book i was bestowed in 2011 by a yogi. He told me he didn’t even read poetry but that something told him to buy it, and then I had showed up 30,000 miles from my home at his beautiful house in Hayfork California. “It was meant for you, you see! It is destiny.” said Greg. I’ll always remember his name, he reminded me to always believe in myself.




I know

Not these hands

And yet I think there was

A woman like me once had hands

Like these.



5 thoughts on “Fiber Friday// Amaze by Adelaide Crapsey

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  1. Love it. I used to write a lot of cinquains but now I tend to write more mirror cinquains. Much of my poetry is mirror cinquains, but I recently changed back a bit. I love doing haikus too but probably don’t do them as they ought to be done. Lovely post.

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      1. Aww bless you. Thankyou. I loved that vudeo. I had no udea there were such vudeos around. It was lovely to listen to it. It inspired me.

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