3 Poetry Prompts

I’m going to get right down to the top 3 prompts that have helped me get back to writing. I really hope these empower you and if this helps you please share that with me, it really fills my heart up.

1. Black out poetry

Here is my example (read: how to write a blackout poem) but I love this exercise because you don’t have the pressure to come up with words. You just rip a page out, and let the words find you.

2. Stream of Conscious Poetry

If it feels like you can’t write poems unless you’re sad, you are not alone. I feel like poetry comes to me in tides, and I have to accept my creative flow. Stream of Conscious poetry is when you write WHATEVER comes to mind evenifitdoesnotmake sense, or there is the wrong punctuation, or you’ve got multiple conflicting metaphors that you want to fit – it’s just free flow poetry. I find this exercise helps capture the movement of a poem. I’ll share one of my poems in the next post.

3. Try a poetry form

i haven’t been able to share my new-found love for haiku due to all my medical reasons, but the haiku is just short and impactful enough to write down in bewteen pain management sessions. i discovered the haibun was perfect to express how i felt as i stood before an endless golden field of flowers and infinite skies. This week, in one of my poetry anthology books, I discovered a poem I really like by Adelaide Crapsey, who pioneered the cinquain, who i might add, was also influenced by Asian poetry.


Did any of these tips help? Let me know which one of these worked for you, or if there’s anything you like to do when you are stuck trying to express yourself.

6 thoughts on “3 Poetry Prompts

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  1. Oddly, I’ve never actually been a fan of blackout, stream of consciousness, or haikus… I’ve seen some people use them and I’ve liked what they’ve done, but they just don’t really click with me. But such is the personal and subjective nature of poetry…and all writing, really. For me, I tend to just use word prompts as a tool if I’m drawing a blank and can’t come up with a poem.

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      1. I especially like them because my poems all have one word titles, so I just use the prompt as a title. Win-win. 😁

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