Easter Story

i want to write a story

two people who are in love that don’t recognize each other in the end.

two rivals who realize they have so much in common.

i want to write a story

someone who doesn’t become the beast

some one who breaks free

and on the page

helps the reader

to escape.


there is more truth

in one sentence.

this current reality

is actually fiction,


“every one wants

to play



no one else can understand this pain

unless they fought the same demon.

all our demons

.          .are our own

.                           . and unique

that way, you say –

– I think then

you should





in a less positive cheery light

then to each their own sin

and disregard the sacrifice

of his only son.

I only want to know

what the meaning of suffering is,

you can keep your trite advice,

and save it for the next

poor soul

who isn’t battling a demon

the size of Goliath.


I pray an angel

is up above

helping me win.


6 thoughts on “Easter Story

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    1. REALLY?? i thought i was being so mean, but it’s how i felt after someone just came out of the blue telling me that i should be happy that my demons are so unique. and that if i change my mindset, i can CHOOSE to be happy. she didn’t understand that i’m in pain 100% of the time and tbh…i feel like that’s a category of toxic positivity. People who helped were not a shadow like this person was, she just came out of the blue to give me that advice i just … had to write it out.

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      1. i like that term, “toxic positivity.” that is totally a thing. i get that a lot when i complain about being overwhelmed as a mom. i wrote a page about it recently (but haven’t illustrated it yet.) no one should be allowed to tell another person how to address their demons. ❤

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