Spring Collection

4 leaf clover

antler jewelry

pansie necklace

I don’t know why it never crossed my mind to design jewelry before. The first time I used resin was with my mom as a child making charm bracelets with empty star and moon shaped bezels. My mom cultivated a deep love for books by always taking me to book fairs, book clubs, and reading her courtroom dramas. She also always bought craft kits, I was constantly making gimp and friendship bracelets. My friends always gift me jewelry because “I never see you without some kind of jewelry on.” For the last 4 years I’ve been buying more handmade and have a sizable jewelry collection made by artists.  Resin has been easy to work with left-handed and requires long hours to cure, which gives me a break and forces me not to rush. Flowers have their own language and mean so many things, I’ve always been told I was a late bloomer. This Spring Collection is about transformation. I also have a butterfly and unknown bone specimen (racoon?) I want to cast this weekend. I’m coming out of my comfort zone using ribs, jawbones, teeth, vertebra, it’s not something I wear but I know people who embody that voodoo-enchantress look. When I found the bones lying in the grassy field, I thought about how it died and if it was right to use them without disturbing the soul. With death comes transformation. beauty can be found from that suffering. some peace.


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