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Hey pretty gang! Is it snowing where you are? It’s been raining and overcast all of February. What do you do to keep yourself happy during those grey days? I have picked up journaling, or scrapbooking, I guess they’re the same!

I’ve been needing a hobby to satisfy my needs and something I could do with all the nerve damage in my right arm. Some days are better than others. I find that I can tear paper and use a glue stick and can make collages! It makes my heart happy. I have an outlit, I’m a conduit of constant creativity. I have all these goals but I’ve had to slow down so much.

My friend reminded me of the slow turtle who still finishes his race at his own pace. I felt blessed hearing that.

I felt so inspired after watching HelloAlice on YouTube. I will watch her videos any time I’m having anxiety and they always relax me.

My highschool best friend was excited at the thought of a quote Books – I confessed I had one. I think a lot of writers do – I’ve always liked writing down lyrics to songs and paragraphs I find in books. When I was a teenager, I kept a dictionary on me all the time to look up words I didn’t know, or to play word games with myself. Is that a weird thing? I don’t know it felt weird admitting it to someone though! Like it’s some secret but it’s the same as studying your Bible and writing down scripture.

Go get you a dollar tree journal, or if you can’t afford that you can do what I did – I stained paper with coffee and folded them, cut kraft paper for a cover, and used a stick to bind them. This was supposed to be my spell book until I realized WORDS ARE SPELLS.

I have a mini book haul video playing for a few hours on IG. I forgot to save it so it’ll be gone forever. I didn’t get to show all the books in my haul anyways so I’ll have to do another take. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoy your weekend.

Until we meet again!

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  1. Lovely Post Samantha! Wishes for your good health and I love that tree journal idea..Generally I put those quotes, paragraphs or lyrics in diary but it something special that we can do for our passion for collecting words.

    Take care 😊

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