Reviews for Echos

Hello Everyone! i wanted to share something that helped keep me going as a writer and that was keeping a list of the nice things people said about Echos. I didn’t ask for reviews, these were things people came to tell me. It was one of those small things that changed my whole day.



When I released Echos, it was rushed. i had completed the manuscript last June, but at the last minute i took some poems out. My friend surprised me New Year’s by editing my poetry chapbook. He told me he enjoyed reading my work, as i reviewed some of his suggestions, it felt like someone had taken some TLC to my poems. It was a sweet unexpectecd gift.

its just in time for my  new cover design and a coloring page that will be added to my poetry chapbook! If you guys donated or bought the first edition, i’ll be sending these out to you sometime in January!

As some of you might know, i injured myself and can’t work. one of my sources of income is these poetry chapbooks. its tough. I set myself a goal of 7 sales a month, last month i made 5 sales, and two were people who had already bought it. But hey im super grateful!! Those five sales are going towards this upcoming neurologist visit.

it’s the first day of the year! who wants to be my first sale?°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I’ll share the new cover soon and its also going to have more poems and a coloring page!  here are some more compliments I got, which i recommend every writer do because it helped me so much not give up on myself.

Reviews for “Echos”
“I bought this last night, and it’s beautifully written.”
– wanderingwillowart

“I just bought her zine and loved it! Her poems are beautiful.”

“They’re lovely.” -coopofcreation

“I love them. They’re put together really well.” -perceived.perceptions

all sales go to medical and living expenses thank you so much for your support!

my poetry chapbook “Echos” –


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