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Hey friends, it’s Sammy and I wanted to share some exciting news. I know it’s every book worms dream to own a book store, but I honestly can’t stop dreaming about it. I’m inspired by small business owners and other women entrepreneurs. I’m selling books with the poetry lover in mind. I’m also hoping to collab with other shops. I needed to come up with a graceful way to make money for my much needed MRI and surgery. When I started designing my new business it gave me something to look forward to.

Most of my vintage books are geared toward the artist. These are all from my beloved book collection. There’s a set on Ancient Greece, which has always been a source to fuel my poetry🧡 During this dark time in my life I’ve turned a lot to poetry especially Robert Frost and William Blake. My aesthetic is inspired by Robert Frost and I’m so excited to watch my business grow.

I have so many ideas for my online book shop. Im using left over packaging supplies and business cards from my now – closed crochet shop. I want to make nature resin jewelry, it might be doable with one arm. I have to put the jewelry making on hold, but you’ll see!

The hard part will be getting new books. It takes money to start a business, so I’ve priced my books to help me make a living and invest a little bit in growth. I’m hoping I can play my cards right, and start supporting myself again while I heal.

This has been a dream of mine so maybe a good way to look at this is that it pushed me to open a shop.

I’m going through a lot. A divorce, a serious injury, but I will be strong. I will be stronger than anything.

I did such a good job designing Hyla Brook Books! It’s based off a personal Robert Frost Poem. The last lines are “We love the things we love for what they are.”


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you can favorite my shop on Etsy to get notifications when i post, or follow my shop’s Instagram account. i still need to set it up with the bank, but for some reason my job gave us back money, but this means i can afford my new insurance, see the neurologist next thursday and i have to take an EKG. im scared i havent looked it up. please pray for me, ive always believed in the power of words and im sure the story will unfold with some more miracles. Lend me your strength! I need it.

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