2019 Reading and Blog Goals

Hey friends! Guess who hasn’t celebrated their blog birthday? This chick right here. I’ve turned 1 on WP this year and i was reflecting on my favorite posts, my favorite books, the book im writing, and how ive evolved as a writer. When i made my 2018 goals there was a lot of freedom and i want to do the same this year. This post will make you want a cup of coffee. Or tea if that’s your thing.


I started my “get back to reading again” quest in August 2017 when i made a Facebook Group Writer’s Guild to be the avid reader i once was, and hopefully to create a writers workshop.  In December 2017 i made The Pretty Poems first blog post. What started as an archive for my poetry developed into a full blown affair with words, i remembered how much language was a part of my personality but somewhere i had lost myself. The blog journey helped me connect to my inner child. Your inner child knows what you want.

In the summer of 2018 i began putting pressure on myself to “be a real blogger.” I imagined a New Yorker journalist intern dismissing my beloved baby blog as child’s play. I wanted to be taken as a serious writer, so i had to prove to myself that i could write editorials. I came up with creative content – combining fashion with books and did my first interview with a costume designer. It was only in October of 2018 did i realize i had created an online magazine with the rise of The Wood Nymph Journal.

2018 my goals were not specific. When you set a goal you’re advised to make it specific and achievable. I wanted to read more – i did. My favorite post this year was my Practical Magic book review, which includes a Celtic Spread Tarot reading and my ARC Fitness Yoga mat review, a local company with values i share and a strong sense of community. I hope to share the stage with other beautiful people.

ARC Fitness Yoga Mat


Reading  –  This year my goal is to read in the library once a week. this means coming out of my mole hole and wiggling my nose at shelves of books and being surrounded by more books than i could read.  I am going to start reading poetry live on my Instagram every Friday because i miss my Fiber Friday tradition. If you were here when i was The Pretty Poems, you might remember that “every Friday get your fiber” – where i shared a poem or artwork.

writing –  My greatest achievement will be to finish the first draft of my story sometime in 2019. I’m also going to make more physical copies of my poetry chapbooks, or zines.

blog goals – my writing friends are the people keeping me on this earth. i want to do more interviews and book reviews. The Wood Nymph Journal carried swagger in her creativity, but i started to miss my gullible Pretty Poems. i want to find a balance as a blogger.


RIP to the blog content i never got to because of my severed nerve. My heart is crushed that i cannot continue my art journey. Drawing is the biggest part of me i miss this very second and every second after this.

When will this be over? I have become so sensitive that kind words hurt.

Making this blog post helped pull me from despair, the story doesn’t have to end here. I am so grateful for the readers i have, i don’t even have 500 followers but i don’t care. i have the best readers any one can ask for.

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