Nanowrimo Days 6-10

Hello Nymphs!

Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for reading this month is focused on National Novel Writing Month. Its been really hard for me because on day 6, 7, my arm was getting worse. (i have 2 lacerations in my writing arm fro when my arm went through a glass window. the wounds were 7mm deep, and I confirmed today with my doctor that I have nerve damage.) i didnt write at all on one day… so its been difficult so I will just say i might not finish with 50k. I want to talk about the resources that have kept me moving and why im taking it easy.

In the bright emergency room i never saw the doctor because i kept my eyes shut. he told me that i was going to get stitched up and ill be okay. He advised that it was very close to tearing my tissue, and the cut on my elbow went pretty deep. It narrowly missed an artery. I was very lucky so I interviewed him as he stitched me up. To get my mind off things, the feeling of my skin being sewn shut. how could he look at it? i still didnt know what he looked like but he sounded nice. “What made you want to be a doctor?”

“My dad was into it you know.. he was burned from a welding job and then became a doctor, ands o i was always reading his books and was surrounded in it. i figured i made good grades and i could do it. This job never gets boring. Something new each day and you never know who is going to come through that door,”

“Your a good person,” i told him because he was going to stitch me up and i wouldn’t want any one else in the world at that moment. to me that really did define a good character.

That event will probably prevent me from winning the prize, which is half off a hardcore writing program ive heard so much about. Joining a book club this month gave me something to look forward to and gave me a chance to talk to people about what im passionate about: books. Im still waiting for my order of The Pagan Book of Prayer to get here. Nothing like waiting for a book to come in the mail.

Youtube has been suggesting alot of young authors which honestly has left me feeling like a renegade writer. oh speaking of birthdays – mine is coming up on November 13th. i like to  watch vlogs but they tend to feel very blah, im usually absorbed in enganging discussions and will look up writing tips. I highly recommend Ellen Brock ive watched a dozen videos of hers by now.

Some times i can pump out 2k. this past week im lucky if i get 500 words out but i am healing. im really hurt and if anything this has shown me how determined i am to write. i also feel like it was a sign that i needed a transformation. a dramatic change. its forced me to read more so that helps a lot too, just reading a chapter gives me courage to find my own flow.

Something else I started doing was watching author interviews and digging through podcasts to find gems. I was so inspired by Stephen King talks that the first book I came across of his I told myself I’d read. The books gods sent me The Stand, a gargantuan novel of 1,135 pages and i just keep thinking how did he come up with this much story?

You can choose to make any month National Writing Month. What makes November special are the connections you can make with other writers.  i had to learn not to be hard on myself and not tell myself – if you dont write 50k you cant call yourself a writer. I have been really down since my incident and now my heart is set on a new objective. Some writing friends. To be apart of a community of writers.  i just reached 500 followers on instagram which to me is a huge milestone. Im reaching out to other writers even though the phone screen hides how timid i feel but you shouldnt feel ashamed for needing support. It doesnt have to be a lonely journey. Ill put the link for my gram and the email newsletter in case you want to read my wolf story. Thanks so much for reading!

Are you writing a story this month? Let me know in the comments and if not what was your favorite book this year?


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