Witch Doctor

Skelentons. Bones. Voodoo. Enchantress.

Last year when I stayed the night in New Orleans I came across a book on voodoo. It brought back a town haunted by ghosts, and with a graveyard outside my window, i read about a doctor’s account of New Orleans in the early 18th century. This month has been all about witchy posts just so I can share these adornments. I thought of bone jewelry you’d wear at a covenent ritual or voodoo ceremony. I’m personally on a hunt for a wolf pendant and antler earrings.

shop necklace:

“There was drumming, chanting, and dancing as she conjured the spirit from the other realm.” – Intambo


“She had mousey hair and large owl framed glasses, one would guess she was a waitress not a witch doctor.” – wishbonemaine


“He floated above them in dark clouds, the mask he wore covered his spirit form. ‘Destroy.’ he said extending an arm, light bursting from his palm.”  woodland_shrine


“Her bracelets with cayote fangs dangled as she danced through the fire, reciting the summoning spell under the Crimson Moon.” – purgatoryplaythings

shop jawbone earrings

“She hung up mugwort that night to have vivid dreams, hoping her guide would meet her.” – astral_garden

Here is the book that inspired this animal bone jewelry post – Vooodoo in New Orleans. Please follow me on Instagram @theprettypoems as always thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts. All I ever wanted was to be a writer and I’m still trying to find what direction to go in. I dream about going back to school to finish getting an MFA in Creative Writing and publishing my poetry book.  I love combining my love for books with my handmade obsession. Later this week I have an interview with a witch and what that word means today so don’t forget to follow!

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