Faerie Hollow

For this post I wanted to try something a little different – I wanted to write a short exposition piece about the fae after seeing these creator’s work and wanting to be a fairy too! I hope you fall in love with these and enjoy the short story – comment below or on my Instagram@theprettypoems if you’d like to read what delayed Empress Josephine! Read to the very end to see the book recommendation!



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Faerie Hollow

A vine- covered abandoned stone house with a tree growing through. Just before you entered Faerie Hollow. Quartz crystal clusters line a carpet of pine needles toward the entrance. Dandelion wind carried the faerie’s music, it was hard to put up the decorations for the Syrup Festival without dropping everything and dancing. Several times Euphrosyne was bopped on her head by Thalia, who had a lazer focus on her flower arrangements in the Dining Hall, because Euphrosyne would take some moss and throw it playfully in the air. “Empress Josephine will be here soon!” she squealed. Her creative juices were flowing and Euphrosyne could not sit still.

Agalia hung the banner “WELCOME EMPRESS” over a glittering door. Her graceful wings sprinkled dust wherever she went, and through the dust small buds began to bloom. Enormous amorous sleeves swell out from the bodice of her silk dress that changed colors as she passed by. The table had been set with adorable deserts, milk and honey. All the fairies in Faerie Hollow were gathered with their garland crowns. A soldier appeared at the main entrance with his acorn helmet and rose thorn spear; a river rock hung over his chest as a breastplate, his dragonfly wings at attention but he was smiling and nodding his head to the beat of the night.

Every one was enjoying themselves, Euphorsyne fluttered her iridescent wings not caring who was watching. It was Thalia who stared at the Full Moon with a worried expression. Her wings opened and closed slowly. Where was the Empress? Usually she was here before the Full Moon had risen completely over the forest.

Then a hand fell softly on her, she turned to see Euphrosyne, to her surprise, in her fern-fitted dress . “Why are you way over here? Come dance with us!” She gave her friend some sweet bread. Empress Josephine is late, Thalia wanted to say, but thought against it in case her bad thoughts came true.   She put her worry to the side and tucked her black hair behind her ear revealing dainty moonstone earrings, “I thought I heard the Lady of the Lake.” She thought she heard the Lady tonight, whose sobs meant misfortune.

The music brought out the nearby family of raccoons who love to see the fairy fire works and the fairies were always generous, sharing their sweet bread, berries, and cakes. Raccoons and foxes caused mischief for the people in Suburbia, using their stealth to sneak in delicious smelling food. At the table they brought tales of another world outside of Faerie Hollow. One of the raccoons was scratching his belly after eating the sweetest corn.  “Some of them have been trying to track us but we always get out in time with the food they throw away! Be careful teeny tiny people of the forest, they are hungry for something else, and by all the food we find in the trash, it’s like a hunger that is never filled!” The raccoons rarely called them faerie and turned their pointy nose to the feast before them.

“They want our land too,” Said an older raccoon, and one of the fairies with the most musical spirit, who came from Littledale (closed away from Surbia by a fence) flew up on the old raccoon’s head and with her gossamer touch, his worry about the future generations was put out.

Agalia smelled the royal highness’s perfume before she saw her. Empress Josephine’s princess gown made of Lily of the Valley and Fireweed petals accentuated her divine wings that bounced the moonlight off of them. She was fixing her crown of hummingbird feathers, her hair falling over in some places. The soldier offered his right arm with the elbow bent. She delicately curled her hand around his arm and he lead her to the altar. Her sweet scent brought the fairies to the main room of the chapel and everyone quieted down.

fairy faith in celtic

This post’s recommended read is The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by Walter Evans-Wenz.

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