Mini Leaf Notebooks

These two handmade leaf notebooks fit in my small hands, I kept turning them over. Natural brown and broad leaves embellish the front and back cover. Hand stitched with what looked like dried tall grass. I can’t bring myself to write in its bamboo pages yet. My imagination wondered what magical woods the materials were collected from. Some days I’d catch myself staring out the window wishing for more scenery, trails to hike through, the green blue mosaic of spring lakes, collecting tiny sea shells. I needed to touch the bark on the trees and lose myself in the woods. Hop down rocks and swim butt naked chasing waterfalls.  You never know how far you’re going to get on a nature walk. If I wanted to change my life, I would have to change the places and people in it. The thought sounded so freeing. My latest splurges said something about me: I’m a modern day Thumbelina. I’ve started window shopping for wood prints with fairies on them to decorate my craft room, to match the framed Pegasus and my oil painting of pink roses.

Instagram: theprettypoems

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