Review : Handmade Intention Candles and vegan lip balm

I first fell in love with a room spray with an Edgar Allen Poe quote on it. Co Op of Creations is a mystical shop, and a healing one. It was a kit I needed: a candle to cut ties with, a candle to start a fire within, a candle to set boundaries, and voluptuous lip balm.

I lit a candle to bless the rest of the year, her specially handcrafted Summer Solstice candle. Rituals. To let go of everything that didn’t serve me. The words surrounding Co Ops candles carry a weight to them. Every morning I lit one of her candles with the dark aromas and asked for courage and clarity.

The Summer Solstice candle was scented like the summer. She poured herbs, crystals, and intention to help with a fresh start and rising from the ashes renewed.

I let the “Fuck Politeness” burning in the next room, I walked in after some time had passed and felt something inside me shift. What was that jolt I felt?

a bold and feminine blend of bergamot, rosewood, amber and plum to help you stay tough and reinforce those personal boundaries!

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” – Ray Bradbury

I pressed my nose to the natural honey smell from her adorable beeswax votive. There’s different ones in her shop that are made to purify.

She also sent this vegan mango butter lip balm and there’s nothing more empowering than fruity plump lips. These lips. My lips. The words seemed to slip out from my lips from some place deep within me.

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