Review: All Natural Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bars

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poetry book

Pretty Gang I realized that I started a blog in 2009 and I’ve been blogging ever since. Health and wellness started as a major theme for me in my early 20s when I wanted to be a pharmacy tech. I browsed the bright isles of beauty products as I stocked, reading ingredient labels. Now I’m never at a drug store. Ive replaces my love for the oatmeal bar soap for a handmade one. Infused with essential oils and made with locally sourced goat milk. Goat milk is great for the skin. Plus, the soap maker behind these soap bars is my new friend. I swooned over her charming paper that reminded me of a Francis Boucher painting. It’s no secret that handmade is superior over manufactured products. Conscious spending. This is just one time I’ve gotten from Bella Dayes Natural Boutique.

This is one of her signature blends, a soothing lavender which she formulates with moisturizing oils. Lavender became my tonic after a hectic Monday. The lather in the shower works up and really cleans impurities from your body, and is sensitive enough to use as a cleanser on your face. The ingredients left my skin smelling good and soft, and now more than ever I wanted to treat my body good and soft.

She has so many products at her site not just for women. Every time I have to buy a gift for someone I order from her shop. I’ll keep going to her shop and recommending her to all my friends. I know I need to get me some moisturizing lotion and some essential oil rollers! You can visit her website if you love natural products and beauty.


This post is not at all sponsored. This is just one of my favorite small shops to buy beautiful soaps and lotions from from a beautiful person!

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    1. Great question! Okay so the reason why this is tagged “vegan” means I need to explain how I use tags. I use tags like an index – goat milk is a tag in this, and so is handmade soap. I have a lot of vegan friends that enjoy posts about herbs and wellness and beauty. This is so vegans can find something like this.


      1. This a handmade product and i feel like you did not read the post. Most vegans I know like supporting local business, local sourced products or they like to get their non vegan friends a gift. Why do you assume every vegan is like you and does not want to read about this? I’m not vegan and I still look up vegan tags to vegan things or topics that are similiar. Unfortunately SEO is imperfect. Everything is bought in the US and she’s even coming up with ways to use no plastic. I like promoting that. Your comment sounds rude btw. Not everyone has bodies that can go straight vegan anyways. What is your point? Why do you insist on micromanaging this post? I’m not removing the tag.


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