Writer’s Workshop – don’t just write about what you know

“Write about your personal experiences” is something we fall into, and it’s easy but limiting. Instead of write what you know choose to write about what you don’t know. I think *dont quote me on this* Jodi Picoult once said something that being a writer is also being a researcher. We do draw from our experiences from our life (a lover betrayed, forced with a choice with a painful solution, or maybe you’re trying to distance yourself) however readers, even if it’s 100% true, it might not be the story they want. Fiction is elaborate truths. It’s taking the rawness of the experience and putting into different scenes and characters. You can put the accident, the disaster, whatever is painful and what hurts, and write it into a story. Shape that into fiction.

I wanted to go off of my last Writer’s Workshop, [read “keep a journal”] and expand from that.

Don’t forget your Fiber this Friday as I share some of my favorite poets and now illustrators.

I also have a Facebook group that you can find on my homepage to share your blogs. (Ask to Join Writer’s Guild – link on my homepage – and check out the pinned post for this month’s prompt!) I do plan on going live on there more, me and the camera have a weird relationship. But I do plan on doing productivity live feeds, where you can write with me or draw with me while you work on your own projects or talk about writing topics. I hope to see you there!

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