My Reading Goals 2018

New goals, new beginning! I wasn’t going to officially make any reading resolutions. I used to be a voracious reader, so part of the reason this blog started (not only to have a safe place for all my poems) was to read more. I trade my crochet for books. And I splurged on two books.

Keep a look out for the surprise poetry books I’m getting soon!<3

Seriously, soon isn’t soon enough I can’t wait to hold these poetry books in my hand. * * * just a few more days * * * I am beyond happy these are the best gifts I could give myself. I do have a few personal goals this year:


Read Everyday– I’d seen so many posts where people are aiming for 50 books in a year. I just want to read more! Haha  Having a number in mind helps. I also started reading every morning and every night and it has helped me so much read more and I forgot how relaxing reading was.

buy indie poetry – I have a small collection of zines back home and I want to start collecting underground magazines and indie poets. *shrieks* I can’t wait for them to get in the mail already! Just get here.


write more  – i want to read more because I wanted to write again. I do plan on sharing some short stories, maybe I can dab in some fan fiction? I share some fan fiction in this post Why I Stopped Reading. Surprisingly, fan fiction was a great writing exercise for me.


I haven’t planned out the books I want to read or made a TBR, because I read based on my mood. Right now I am reading the classic epic The Odyssey. (Would you guys like to me to break it down as I go along? I was thinking of writing posts summarizing several chapters at a time with classic books.) I have a thing for fantasy, myths, and science fiction. I wonder what I’ll find this year. What do you recommend? What are some of your reading goals?



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