Was the BOOK better than the movie?

I tossed this idea of this new blog series for a while but I feel compelled to tell you my experience reading Jurassic Park. So I found this book at a thrift store, printed 1992. I love the minimalist cover, so not intentional but it fits right in in this day and age. Steven Spielberg thought the book was good enough he made a movie on it, so why not? It’s so hard for me to find books I like as I am so picky.


Before I go any further I have to show you this picture, but I am not going to post it on the web just let me paint a picture in your head of me like 10 years old wearing popcorn shirts on a family vacation to Hollywood. (Okay my dad worked there and I went a few times) The Jurassic Park Ride was so fun – I was a little kid. Ten Year Old me hanging on for life as we plunge forward, away from the T- Rex and splashed into the pool below, water crashing everywhere. The animatronics are old now.

You should already know this is a spoiler! But you’ve probably seen the blockbuster that’s made like 5 movies. I wanted to know how different they were and also talk about the book itself. Is it better just to see the movie? You know I’ve always felt that books were superior,but these last few years have been nothing but computer games and movies. I love movies I almost started a whole blog on that! (No Sam you can’t have more than 3 blogs that’s insane.)

Jurassic Park immediately sucked me in. What I really lavished in was the details. The author describes things with great convincing  detail, he describes medical equipment, fossils, and it really feels like I’m in the field with them. Michael Crichton, the writer graduated from Harvard Medical School and was writing at M.I.T. The writing is not flowery at all, not contemplative, its a suspenseful book.

So in the movie Jurassic World, I was surprised to see how fast the plot was set compared to the book. It was a while before we got to the island in the book and in the book the mathematician is not so much of a grease ball. He is actually a guy from Texas. Naturally being from Texas I imagined him to be different. The dialogue in the book was great too, I felt like it never got dry and had a good flow to it. The book is darker.  I loved seeing in the movie how T-Rex touching the wires now without power, now nothing to hold him back. Some scenes are taken directly from the book. It was pitch black and it felt like that in the pages of this book too. When the T-Rex got the mathematician it was cool to watch, the CGI was not so bad for its day.

In the book the way Ed Regis died was horrifying.  I’m just going to talk about the first time we see the Tyrannosaurus Rex on screen. Both versions are different. He is not in the movie, the guy who runs in the outhouse and dies on the toilet is actually the lawyer, Donald Gennaro. In the book he is actually the concerned one, and saves the kids. Also the endings were different. I liked both versions!

Definitely much darker tones, it feels bloodier in the book if that makes any sense.The rafting, which is surprisingly a good amount of this thrilling adventure through the Park while the cameras and security were down, you don’t see until the second movie. Again I really liked the pace of this book, I didn’t even realize I was reading a science fiction book which might be what I Look more into in terms of what I’ll be reading.


The dinosaurs in the movie look so good. One of the most traumatizing scenes in my childhood is the raptor turning to the camera. Has any one not seen the first Jurassic Park? I really want to revisit Universal Studios and use that ride now that I’m older! I just want to go to Universal Studios or Disney in general.

I think I’m going to wrap up this post before it becomes a much longer rant. I really loved reading the book, and the movie is a treat to watch right afterwards.Did you like this series? Are there any questions you had about the book or the movie? Steven Spielberg is the world’s top directors and Michael C. also wrote The Andromeda Strain, which also became another movie. (This movie looks like an oldies sci-fi cult classic.) Which book/movie do you want to compare? I really look forward to reading your feedback. I had a lot of fun reading this book.

I am currently reading The Odyssey, which I got in my book trade. I’m not sure if there is a film adaptation for that. I also plan to read a few mangas that have become movies, because I’d really like to find manga I like and i also love the artwork. I hope you liked this new blog series Was the Book Better Than The Movie? 

Until next time! Thanks for reading!


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